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Episode 01 – BIOTECanada

The Biotech Ecosystem

The world’s population is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2050. To survive,  how we feed ourselves, stay healthy and produce energy has to change. Read More.

Episode 02 – Nüvü Camēras

Finding your product-market fit

You’ve developed one of the world’s most sensitive low light imaging cameras, with multiple potential market applications. You’ve landed a contract with one the world’s most prestigious technology organizations. But is this the right long term market fit for your product? As an up and comer, how do you decide which markets to focus on? Making the wrong decision could cost you years and lots of money. On this episode of Market Hunt, we chat with Marie-Eve Ducharme, President & CEO of Nüvü Camēras. Read More.

Episode 03 – Cogiscan

Maintaining market dominance as an SME

What does the future of electronics manufacturing look like? How can a small company become indispensable when swimming in waters with much larger players? On this episode of Market Hunt, we interview Francois Monette, of Cogiscan. Read More.

Episode 04 – Invest Ottawa

The entrepreneurial ecosystem

What elements are necessary to create a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem? On this episode of Market Hunt, we chat with Nick Quain, VP Venture Development at Invest Ottawa.. Read More.

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