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Mass market adoption for cryptocurrencies

Guest : Haseeb Awan, CEO, Efani

Cryptocurrencies have been playing a game of snakes and ladders since their humble beginnings, experiencing massive price volatility. Considering fintech’s disruptive impact, what will the future of banking look like?

“I have no idea why banks are so slow, because someone is going to eat them for lunch.”

-Haseeb Awan


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Guest bio: Haseeb Awan

Haseeb Awan is a cellphone security expert and the CEO of Efani – “America’s Most Secure & Private Cellphone Service”. He also was the creator of the 1st Bitcoin ATM, Y-Combinator Alumni and Telecommunication Engineer. He has a long history of innovation and success in the crypto space.

Episode updates:

Bitcoin officially halved on May 11, 2020.

At time of publishing in the end of September 2020, Haseeb mentioned “I think now we are kinda out of winter”.

Efani’s insurance protection has gone up to 5M.

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