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Nüvü Camēras was founded by Olivier Daigle and Marie-Eve Ducharme. The company makes EMCCD cameras which are designed for numerous industrial and scientific measurement applications.

The young company has achieved tremendous success collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency as well as NASA to define the capacities of their cameras. Nüvü has expanded their product line with a new camera destined for the biomedical industry.

Film locations include the Polytechnique Montreal, in its J-Armand-Bombardier incubator, the Astrolab of the Mont Megantic Observatory, and in Nüvü’s Montreal Offices located near the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Quebec.

Case Content

High tech manufacturing, Space industry, medtech industry, IP, Partnerships with government, selling technologies to niche sectors, collaborating with fundamental research, biomedical industry, JA Bombardier incubator, Polytechnique de Montréal, export licensing, working with sales representatives located internationally, working with distribution partners, maintaining a technological advantage, CFI funds, academic / industry collaboration, finding early adopters, Mont Megantic Observatory, Cancer Research.

Technical Specs

Produced in 2017

Featured in this Case Study are:

Marie-Eve Ducharme, CEO, Nüvü Camēras

Olivier Daigle, CTO, Nüvü Camēras

Dr. Frédéric Leblond, Associate Professor, Polytechniue Montreal


Executive Producers

Dr Hamid Etemad, McGill University

Hamed Motaghi, Université du Québec en Outaouais



Thierry Harris, Cartouche Media

Creative Director

Melissa Gendron, Cartouche Media

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