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From science to commercialization

Guest : Sébastien Blais-Ouellette, Founder and CEO, Photon etc.

How do you get from fundamental research to developing technologies for industrial applications? From invention in the lab to innovation in the market?

“The bulk of the advancement of our technology is because we deal with people who just challenge us all the time.”

-Sébastien Blais-Ouellette


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Guest bio: Sébastien Blais-Ouellette

Sébastien Blais-Ouellette is the founder and CEO of Photon etc. He is the cornerstone of Photon etc’s business development and strategic planning. Sébastien also serves as the ambassador for the company, upholding its vision and advancing its mission. Furthermore, his long-term commitment to work-life balance has created a physically and mentally healthy corporate culture. Sébastien’s vision of a better world, and determination to make it happen, motivates his team to pursue ever more ambitious projects.

Sébastien completed a master degree in high energy physics at the University of Montreal and a Ph.D. in astrophysics in co-direction at the University of Montreal and the University of Aix-Marseille. Then, it is as a researcher in the astronomy department of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) that he developed a technology using volume Bragg gratings to combine images and optical spectra of an object or sample in order to understand its nature. This is how Photon etc. is born from the desire to reveal features of the universe still invisible. Suspecting the potential of this filter for microscopy, medicine, and the environment, Sébastien Blais-Ouellette decides to push the exploration by turning its instrument towards terrestrial applications, and clear the way for the birth of an outstanding company.

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