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Manufacturing the future

Guest : Normand Bourbonnais, CEO, C2MI

Microelectronics are everywhere. Innovation in this industry moves at lighting speed. But how?

“ By sharing your strategy with a partner, that partner can bring to the table a different view about how you could address that marketplace.”

-Normand Bourbonnais


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Guest bio: Normand Bourbonnais

President and CEO of the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Center (C2MI), Normand Bourbonnais identifies strategies enabling companies to foster the growth of the Canadian microelectronics industry through the accelerated commercialization of driven market prototypes. Establishing a unique and essential link between applied research and industry needs, C2MI’s ecosystem lays the foundation for research and product development for all market segments.
One of the primary roles of C2MI is to maintain a technological strategy allowing it and its members, to stay ahead of the competition and to reinvent innovation.

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