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B-Con Engineering is a progressive optics manufacturing company producing aspheric, diamond turnedfreeformplastic optics, and using advanced metrology techniques to provide some of the world’s most advanced optical components and optical systems.

B-Con serves the optics design, prototyping and manufacturing needs of numerous high technology industries, including:




Display Technology


Acting as a sub-contractor to many of the world’s leading companies in these industries, and with many links to the Academic community, B-Con works on the cutting edge of modern optics technology. B-Con components are currently being used on some very high profile projects, including:

Phoenix Mars Mission,optics within the light detection and ranging (LIDAR) instrumentation. The recently launched Phoenix will land on Mars in May 2008 to study the history of water on the planet in all its phases.

Pufferfish Displays’ Puffersphere Pro B-Con’s optics comprise the projection lens system for the Puffersphere Pro’s spherical format projection.

B-Con Engineering is located in Ottawa, Ontario. B-Con was founded by Brian Creber.

The Case Study was produced in 2015 and released in 2019. Filming took place in Ottawa, Hamilton and Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Films locations include B-Con Engineering’s manufacturing facility, the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) at McMaster University and at Com Dev,  now a subsidiary of Honeywell Aerospace.

Course Content:

Components manufacturing, partnerships with academia, partnerships with larger organizations, selling in different cyclical markets globally, key client strategy, international product support, international product development, developing cutting edge technologies in a limited capacity environment.

Technical Specifications:

Produced: 2015


Film locations:

In Ontario, Canada: Ottawa, Hamilton, Kanata



Brian Creber, B-Con Engineering

Ashley McColgan, ComDev

Geoff Kell, Pufferfish

Dr. Stephen Veldhuis, MMRI Institute, McMaster University


Executive Producers

Dr Hamid Etemad, McGill University

Hamed Motaghi, Université du Québec en Outaouais



Thierry Harris, Cartouche Media

Creative Director

Melissa Gendron, Cartouche Media

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